A Review of “HAVE YOU SEEN THE HORIZON LATELY?” Exhibition at MACAAL, Marrakesh.
Written w/Soukaina Aboulaoula. Published in TSA Contemporary Art Magazine

Kapwani Kiwanga, Flowers For Africa / HAVE YOU SEEN A HORIZON LATELY, MACAAL, 2020 - © Omar Tajmouati

We suspected Yoko Ono’s song—the one that inspired the title of the show—to sound a bit pessimistic: ‘Have you seen a horizon lately / If you have, watch it for a while. / For you never know / It may not last so long.’ Our first encounter at the exhibition was a large panel, half-sign, half-instruction, hanging on the museum’s façade. Displayed in the purest tradition of early conceptual art—minimal black text on a white background—the title reads like one of these famous scores. We would cross the threshold of the museum, ignoring that it actually suggests an imminent end. In fact, we preferred ignoring it. In a quest for novelty, we instead decided to focus on the pledge of promising paths opened by the show. But it is rare for an exhibition to sound both as a loving warning and the promise of something to come. It is rare for a show to place its visitors in the middle of a tension between the possibility of loss and the care for the present moment. It is even rarer for the course of events to turn an exhibition into a direct commentary on our common future. Rare but somehow pleasing.

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